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  • I have a repeater with a readonly text field.

    I have a filter with acf/load_value/key={key} and when you add a new repeater field it appears that this filter is not called.

    Am I using the correct filter?

  • Okay, one problem fixed by changing to the acf/prepare_field/key={key} filter.

    Next problem, it’s only called ONCE when the form is loaded.

    I am trying to add a readonly timestamp field to each repeater value, but it’s using the timestamp of the form load. I need it to be realtime.

  • After a LOT of poking around, I found that ACF does not make ajax calls for non dynamic fields when adding new repeater fields.

    The “acf” JavaScript object got me where I needed to be:

    acf.addAction("new_field/key=field_5c3f4147608c4", function( field ) {
  • ps. The Javascript documentation is pretty sparse.

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