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ACF Lite w/ Options Page Addon

  • So I’m interested in purchasing the options page add-on for use in a premium theme I’m making. I know your multisite licensing allows for that, but I’m interested in how I would go about using this with ACF Lite. I don’t want to use the full plugin, as I want to be able to include ACF Lite with a theme with predefined fields, and set the updatable areas on a set of “theme options” pages.

    Essentially, I’m looking to use ACF as a super simple theme options framework. Is it at all possible to use the premium addons with ACF Lite?

  • There is a documentation article which covers exactly this:

    Not to be rude, but did you search before posting this question?

  • Hi Elliot,

    I’ve read this page multiple times. No references are made as to whether or not it’s physically possible to include the premium addons (separate downloads) with ACF Lite (a plugin added through the themes directory). It’s clear that licensing allows for it, but not the interaction that’s created. I see no definitive guideline as to how to incorporate a premium add on with ACF Lite anywhere. Please feel free to show me where this is written.

    Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I’m trying to figure out how ACF premium addons interface with ACF Lite. Do I have to download the add on, install, set up my fields, and then export the PHP? Then, when one of my clients installs the theme, are they required to install the premium add on also? Should I include the add on in the theme folder?

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  • Hi @thoughtspacewebsites

    Yes, the premium add-ons can be included in a premium theme / plugin.

    The readme.txt file inside the add-on will provide more info as to what file needs to be included (currently gallery and options have this documentation)

    The repeater / flexible content field will receive updates shortly with the new info and removable update script.

    Thanks for the feedback, I’ll read over the article and make sure it talks about premium addon files


  • Hi @thoughtspacewebsites

    As for your second comment, do I refer support clients to pre written articles, yes, of course I do.

    I don’t believe I have treated you unfairly, sorry If I have.

    Many support clients ask before searching / reading. It is important for me to ask if they have read the article that seems to be what the original question is

  • It might be worth clarifying this on the online documentation as I couldn’t find a reference to ACF lite functioning with the add ons. It’s made clear that add ons can be included with the theme, but the whole “lite mode” thing is what got me.

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