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  • Hi guys, I hope I am writing in the correct section.

    I have a client’s site in wordpress + learndash + woocommerce (learndash integrated with woocommerce), in the course section of learndash there are some fields in ACF, my question is, how can I bring the value of an ACF field from the course section, in the checkout?

    That field that I need to bring in is a date field (name given by the client: “expire course”), it is the expiration of the course that needs to be present in the checkout as it will need to be present in the API (woocommerce API + active campaign) as I will be going to create reminder notifications with active campaign with this date.

    I hope I explained myself well, thanks in advance!

  • You would need to look into how to add any custom field where you want to add it in the plugins you are using. ACF fields are not different than standard WP custom fields (meta).

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