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ACF JSON Sync warning

  • Hello,

    I’d like to come forward with a suggestion for ACF when used with the JSON files. I have sent an email but maybe a discussion could take place here as well.

    My teammates and I are always making changes, pushing them out to our repository, pulling changes in… We’ve run into a situation a couple of times where we’d make an update to a Field Group without triggering a Sync, which effectively overrides a teammate’s previous updates.

    It would be beneficial if a “warning” notice box could be displayed at the top of the list of Field Group, urging to Sync. Furthermore, it would be very useful to show a modal if I open the “Edit Field Group” page for a group that hasn’t been synchronised, with a link to trigger a Sync. This would prevent me from making changes until all is in sync. Of course, this could simply be an optional feature for ACF but I would definitely use it if made available.


  • That’s a great feature request!

    Especially after clicking the shortcut to edit a field group (gear icon in page/post edit screen) you won’t have any clue that you are currently editing an unsynced field group.

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