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ACF json sync – greyed out items

  • Hi

    I’m seeing “Sync available” – but when I go into that screen, the items are greyed out:

    Any attempt to sync does appear to do so, but I still see “sync available” and the (3) items in there. The Title for each sync group seems to change randomly each time the page is refreshed, which is also kind of weird..

    What’s happening here and how can I fix it?



  • Hi @dmje

    Thanks for the mail.

    It appears there is a problem with your JSON file since they also indicate zero number of fields. Kindly try replacing the files from your acf-json folder and let me know how it goes.

  • Judging by the age of this post, I think @dmje fixed their issue. But in case someone else runs into this…

    For me, it was that a json export file was added in the folder in my repo. Because it wasn’t a properly formatted ACF Group JSON file, ACF saw it as a group with zero fields.

    Deleting this file fixed my issue. If anyone runs into something similar, check to make sure all of your json files are formatted correctly.

    Hope this helps someone in the future! 😄

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