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ACF integration with WP-API

  • Hi there,

    I’m looking to use WordPress as an API (using WP API – and integrate with an Angular (or similar) front end that consumes the API.

    I love the functionality of ACF but can’t yet see a way of getting the fields into the API.

    Is there a mechanism to do this at the moment (through a hook or filter maybe?) or is it planned for a future version?


  • I love ACF and WordPress. It could be great to have a better integration with WP-API. And wordpress is going in that direction. There are a huge spectrum of posibilities with single page apps and Angular, Node…

    Please Elliot consider that…


  • It’s worth noting @sergi0fores, since posting this question I’ve developed a plugin that does just that, integrates ACF data into WP-API automatically.

    You can download the plugin here:

    I use this every day with AngularJS, and it makes for a great setup.

  • Hi Chris and thanks for this very helpfull plugin!!! I’m facing an issue with the filtering of posts by custom fields value, in angular. Maybe you can help me?
    I thought I could easily do it using:


    But I cant get it to work. Do you know a way to do it?
    Thanks again for you help

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