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ACF in multisite question

  • Hello everyone,

    I want to use ACF (v5) for an multisite with 8 sites, and all of those sites need to access the same groep in my options sub page.

    In this settings page I use acf/load_field/name= to fill values for some input selects.

    I tried using: acf/settings/load_json in my plugin but this is somehow never called. The add_local_acf_group does work for showing the fields in all sites, but then my acf/load_field filter is not working for populating the select values.

    note: I’m using all of this functionality in a custom plugin.

    Anyone has an idea how to do this for all sites?

  • Hi @tim92

    You should be able to do this with a plugin and ACFs JSON support.
    How are you adding the JSON to your plugin?

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