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ACF Images not preselected after import with WPALLImport

  • Hello,
    i have imported with WpAllImport images from an external source into an ACF image field.
    I tried array, url or id, but all does not show the imported image. If i click on select image and use “images for the post” i can see all related images.
    But on the product page, these images are not visible on these image fields.

    I have imported them under individuel custom fields and wrote the name.


    Second questions is: i have read there is a reference field for every custom field. Is it _image_1 and _image_2 and do i have to import the same data into the ref field ?

    best regards

  • You need to have the pro version of WP All Import with the ACF add on to import images into ACF fields.

    Yes, you have the name of the reference field correct, the value of this field must be the ACF field key.

  • Hello! I’ve imported images via section “Images”, it downloaded add set thumbnail, but how to do it for ACF fields with image type?

    I’ve WPAIM PRO, I’ve section ACF fields, but I don’t know how to assign imported images to my image fields.

    How to do it?


    If this does not cover your questions then you should contact WPAI support, they are very helpful.

  • I understand that you need “Gallery” field ACF


  • Image fields work as well. Your CSV needs to have a URL that can be accessed on the web for the image, then you specify they column to import just like any other WPAI field.

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