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ACF Image Field Not Being Pulled into Post

  • Hi,

    I have a site that dynamically pulls in content via ACF fields.

    However, one of the fields (an image field) fails to pull in the image located in the ACF field.

    The image is being pulled in by shortcode: <img src="[acf field='before_photo']" />

    Thanks for any ideas.

    Here is a screencast what what’s happening:

  • Thanks for the screencast of the issue – very helpful!

    I noticed in the ACF field settings for the before_photo field, you have the return value set to Image Array. With this setting, more than 1 value is returned meaning WordPress doesn’t know which value to place in the src.

    You can change the return type to Image URL and this should give the expected result.

  • Thanks IAmAdamTaylor ! That solved the issue. 🙂

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