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ACF Image crop and multiple sizes

  • Hi

    I’m trying to use ACF Image crop to generate multiple sizes of cropped image.

    On field options I set the target size(1024 x 1024) and preview size(175 x 175) and in function.php a use the add_image_size to other sizes.

    When I crop the image it generate
    – faxe.jpg (original file)
    – faxe_1024x1024_acf_cropped.jpg
    – preview_faxe_1024x1024_acf_cropped.jpg
    – Sizes of function.php
    – Sizes default of wordpress

    The problems:
    – I don’t want to save the original file on server;
    – The ACF Crop don’t save the other sizes that I put on function file only the 2 sizes(target and preview);
    – The preview file generated by ACF Crop use the wrong name(1024×1024) instead of (175×175);
    – Is it possible to remove acf_cropped on file name?
    – I don’t want to save the default wordpress files;
    – The Save cropped image to media library is flagged NO but it’s saving to media library;

    Does someone know’s how to solve the problems listed above?

  • the filename you can change in the plugin, find this line and changed _acf_cropped:

    // Generate new base filename
    $targetFileName = implode('.', $originalFileName) . '_' . $targetW . 'x' . $targetH . apply_filters('acf-image-crop/filename_postfix', '_acf_cropped')  . '.' . $originalFileExtension;
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