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ACF Gutenberg "Left label" not working?

  • Hi!
    All going well on the project here.
    I have a small issue about using ACF blocks in Gutenberg.
    When i define the group of fields for this block, there is the option to show the labels on the left of the field value.
    A nice and quick way to style the fields.

    Although this works in ‘normal’ ACF groups, it seems that the Gutenberg blocks dont render this.

    It is seems to be triggered by adding the “-left” class to the top class of “acf-block-fields acf-fields”

    But on Gutenberg bloccks these blocks are rendered at the time of “opening” or switching them from preview to settings.

    So, no way to add them in manually.

    Is there a trick to do this? Or a filter to inject somewhere?

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