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ACF Group not showing anymore in UI

  • Hi,

    I’ve create a fields group which contains only one flexible content field, with some combinations inside it. I set rules in order to call it on two page templates.

    All was well working until now, my group fields suddenly disapeared from the UI’s page. I didn’t touch anything to get that issue. The last action I did was to refresh the page UI I was currently working on (in order to not save some modifications).

    Now this fields group isn’t showing anymore on pages which are using one of the associated templates…

    The content I’d previously entered on the different pages through this field are still visible on front (the pages itself, but not in the pages editor).

    Moreover the ACF row of this group isn’t present in the DOM, whereas I see all other groups with the class “acf-hidden”. So the group isn’t generated at all.

    I checked if some options was hidden or disabled the group, but all is fine. The group is correctly active and published…

    Can someone help me ?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Finally find a “bad” way to fix it.
    This is for a client, I couldn’t wait so long…

    I duplicated the fields group, and deleted the first one.

    I had difficulty understanding the way of ACF works in the database, I was looking for the rules links, but there’s a lot of wp_meta keys which have been created. Fortunately (and a bit oddly) the duplicated group keep all the content which has been written on the different pages in the previous fields group, so It works now.

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