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ACF Google Maps iFrame (won’t show when logged out)

  • I created a simple text ACF field to paste in an iframe from Google Maps for a custom post type on my website. The client has a bunch of properties they want to share and so I created a property post type and added an ACF Field called “Google Map”. In there I paste the full iframe from Google Maps.

    I then created a custom template in Divi to display all the ACF fields and all of them work fine except the map…it only displays when I’m logged into the site. If I’m logged in I can see the map and it works as expect, but if I log out it’s as if the map doesn’t exist at all (even in the inspect tool).

    Here is how it looks when I’m logged in:

    And when logged out:

    P.S. to get it to show I used a Divi Text module and the dynamic text option to select “Google Map” field. I also had to turn on “enable raw html”.

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