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acf google map – cutting off & not centered

  • Hey

    If you goto and hit the ‘Location Map’ tab:

    The google map doesnt seem to center and is only showing part of the map.

    The map only comes up fully and working is when I open developer tools

  • Hello,

    This is not related to ACF this is because you are having the Google Map in a javascript tab.

    The problem is your map is loading in a div with display none so it can not determine the width and height.

    This is easy to solve to either load the map when the tab is visible. Or to give the tab not display: none; but give it position: absolute; and top: -9999px; or something.

  • hi alexvdveget

    i try your solution via css but it doesnt solve the problem, how can i load the map only when the tab is visible ?


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