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ACF Gallery Field data deleted on Save

  • I have a very simple custom post type called gallery with an ACF gallery field in it.

    Upon saving the post, all the gallery data disappears.

    Looking into the issue, I can see there is the ACF gallery field which works great, but then there is also a custom field called ‘images’ – the name of the ACF field, that appears in the custom field box on the page. I’m sure that shouldn’t be there, in fact deleting this custom field before saving means that the post gets updated correctly, but then the deleted custom field reappears again on refresh.

    It appears as though this field is being parsed both by ACF as an ACF field and by WordPress as a custom field, causing things to break. Any idea what steps I can take to resolve this?

    WP 3.5.2
    ACF 4.2.1
    Advanced Custom Fields: Gallery Field 1.0.0

    All caching has been disabled and removed.
    The errand custom field

  • Hi @rnlmedia

    if you rename the gallery field to something else, does it save correctly?

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