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ACF Gallery and WPML

  • This is a re-post from the same issue which was for some reason marked “Solved” (Link – )


    “Hi, i’m having this issue in this combination: when cloning a post into a new language, the gallery field will display original post gallery in admin but, on frontend, will display exactly nothing.

    The weird thing goes here: if i’m using get_field( ‘gallery’, 7463 ) on original post (that is id 7463), the field is populated. If i’m using the same get_field( ‘gallery’, 7463 ) on cloned(translated) post, the array returned is… empty.

    The weirdness doesn’t stop here! If i’m adding a new item to translated gallery (without removing the one from cloning), on backend will all be displayed, but on frontend will only be displayed the added!

    Any idea what i’m doing wrong?


    I believe it makes sense to open this topic again, since no real solution has been provided on this issue.

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