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ACF Frontend Functionality not working

  • Hi everyone,

    I badly really need a help this error has been on the website for month and i can’t solve it.

    Suddenly the ACF PRO functionality on the frontend is not working like.
    1. Uploading
    2. Relationship field data not showing
    3. Conditional logic
    4. calendar date not displaying

    I’m using a latest version of ACF PRO using a Elementor builder.

    Upon checking the console. I get have this error

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined
    at acf-input.min.js?ver=1600408311:3

    Hoping someone can help


  • You may have had a problem with an update or you may have a corrupted minified JS file.

    The first step I would take is to download ACF from your ACF account and try reinstalling. ACF can be deactivated and deleted and data will remain. Then install and activate the fresh copy.

    If that does not work I would test for the possibility of a corrupted JS file. This can happen to very large minified files. You can test this by adding define('SCRIPT_DEBUG', true); to your wp-config.php file. This will force the site to load non-minified versions of all script files where they are available.

  • Hi, @hube2

    Thank you so much on your response.

    i’ll test your suggestion and i’ll get back to you with the result.

    Thank you alot


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