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ACF frontend form issues and does not save data

  • I am not sure why, but the frontend form to edit posts is no longer working on my site. In the backend everything is working fine, but in the frontend several fields don’t load correctly and if i click on my on the submit button I am only getting the previous data.

    The following fields are no longer working correctly, which let’s me think that something is wrong with the scripts:
    – Date picker
    – Select2 (Post Object select)
    – required fields are no longer marked as required
    – Validation for fields

    Unfortunately I don’t get anything in the console except sometimes an “Uncaught TypeError acf-input.min.js?ver=5.6.5”

    The weird thing is: in the new-post form, the Google Map is loading (sometimes), but not in the edit post form.

    I am currently running WordPress 4.9 and it seems since the update, those issues occured, but I cannot say it with definite certainty…
    Any ideas, what’s to be done?

  • short update: after updating ACF 5.6.6 the js issues are resolved, however the form to edit posts does not submit the changes to the database. They are visible in the edit form, when I open it again, new data input is lost, changed data input is visible inside form field but doesn’t appear on the public post itself. totally weird…

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