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ACF Frontend Form – Color for Wysiwyg ACF and add media dialog

  • Hello,

    I am using the ACF Frontend Form Widget to provide a Wysiwyg Field. That field comes with an Add Media Button. For Some reason the Text on the button is white on a white background and the window which opens to add media files is in the same scheme. Also the input field itself when enteriing text has a white background.

    How can I change those colors? I tried all availably style options linked to the fields but I cannot find the proper one. The color when inputing text and the add media dialog doesn’t change.

    Thanks for helping an absolute beginner.


  • More than likely this has something to do with styles from the theme you are using or could even be from styles added by a plugin. Unfortunately there isn’t any way to figure this out except for inspecting the code and styles on the site and tracking down the cause and then adding additional styles to override whatever is being added elsewhere.

  • Hi thanks for the reply!
    I hoped that there is a way to influence the style of the media library box and the Wysiwig Field like the other fields in Elementor.

    Gonna dive into the code then.

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