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ACF (free) and Elementor Pro Dynamic issues

  • I have noticed an issue with Elementor Pro and ACF (advanced custom fields – free version) in which the URL option is no longer working when selected as a dynamic field value.

    Both Elementor pro and ACF are updated to their latest versions (as of 4/3/19).

    As an example, I have an image on a post, where the Link attribute is set to use the Elementor Dynamic option, with the ACF URL Field selected as the source of the link.
    In a custom field, the URL is correctly set (using the ACF URL field type) – however the image no longer renders the link at all (it did in previous versions of Elementor pro and ACF free version).

    Can you please assist with a fix? From other thread searches it looks like this issue was addressed in the Pro version of ACF, but not the free one?

  • Hi, did you find a solution?
    I am trying to use the dynamic function on a textfield, and I can find the ACF and custom field fine in the drop downs. Just nothing shows up on the page.

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