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ACF Form Image inside repeater field issue

  • Hello, I’m experiencing a problem with Image field inside a Repeater on ACF form (frontend form).

    The first row, when I click on “Insert Image Button”, it opens normally the “select file window”, but when I click to add more rows and then “Insert Image Button” in this row, nothing happens.

    The working field input name are like the numbers #1 and #2, and the wrong #3.

    #1 – acf[field_55f9bd773bb74][1][field_55f9bd933bb75]

    #2 – acf[field_55f9bd773bb74][2][field_55f9bd933bb75]

    #3 (not working) – acf[field_55f9bd773bb74][5630be897558e][field_55f9bd933bb75]

    What’s happening?

  • I just did a quick test and I’m not seeing this issue. Have you tried disabling other plugins or changing to a default theme to see if they could be causing the problem?

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