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ACF for managing User profile meta fields?

  • Is ACF what I need? I have been looking around for parts of a solution for my roll-out.

    Basically, I want to show, on the User Edit back-end page, field inputs/textareas to display and update custom user profile info held in wp_usermeta. Or, broadly, I’m looking for a nice way to manage user custom fields on the backend…

    I have many, many authors, all of whom have user profile fields stored in the standard wp_users table but also in some 96 custom meta fields in wp_usermeta.

    All the author profile info got in via import. So far, my WordPress back-end has no means to show or update them, it only has the defaults.

    Now I want to enable showing and updating of these author fields on the Edit User back-end page. I have been manually adding HTML for the extra fields (inputs and textareas), as well as the actions to functions.php. But, frankly, doing this for 96 fields is giving me a headache.

    So I’m looking for an easy way to show boxes for custom usermeta fields, and only info stored in the native wp_usermeta table (not in some unique tables, like some user profiles plugins like to do).

    Is ACF it?
    I have known about this plugin for a long time, never really used it.
    It looks focused on adding fields to content types, not users.

  • I made a discovery…

    I think I can do this by creating a Field Group with a Rule assigned to User.
    I didn’t get that from documentation.
    Looks like ACF is going to be worth exploring… !

  • How can I selectively hide default user profile fields on the Edit User screen, to make way for nice new ACF fields?

  • Hi @iamrobertandrews

    You can always use acf/input/admin_head hook to hide the standard fields using CSS or Javascript code. This page should give you more idea about it:

    Hope this helps!

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