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ACF for Franchises using Multisite

  • New to ACF to please go easy on me 🙂

    I am working with a franchise who has 50 locations. My main site is done, and I planned on creating several new sites (via multisite) for each location. They will have repeating fields, but unique to that location. ie:

    Location 1 Address
    Location 1 Phone

    Location 2 Address
    Location 2 Phone

    Location 3 Address
    Location 3 Phone

    I would like to set it up such that the content pulls dynamically to the multisite installation. Something to the effect of only having one template php file that says “Thanks for visiting franchise name at <location>. Contact us at <phone>”

    Is this possible? Can i somehow make groups controlled only in the network admin settings? Would I need to purchase pro, or any plugins? Thanks!

  • 1. If you are going to use the repeater field, you do need to purchase the Pro version.

    2. I am not sure if pulling custom field data from one site to another is possible.

    Now, Unless there are other things in what you need, why complicate things and even install any plugins to slow the sites, just put the information on each site statically and be done with it.

  • @nickda

    Thanks for the reply. As to your last question, I am offering marketing packages to each location moving forward. Use case example:

    12/50 locations want to run a facebook promo. I create a facebooktemplateepage.php that pulls information for each location.

    Not sure what you mean by ‘static’ but not sure that would work. I need each variable reference to be the same name, but pull different data on each site.

    I’m probably not doing a great job explaining this hah 🙂

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