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ACF Flexible and permalinks bug

  • With latest version on ACF pro (and WP), I cannot show flexible fields correctly into pages that has the same base-slug of a custom post type. For example, if my post type is called “hero” (post type has no archive set, so no “hero” archive page with that slug) and I create a page with slug, in that page it doesn’t show flexible content correctly. If i change the slug of the page, it works (in fact on all website pages work except for these).

    Better explanation:

    The problem related to flexible seems to be a bit complex. In fact it always show the first related box even if it’s not selected. Have a look at what you seen in frontend (attachment 1) and backend (attachment 2).

    While, if you change -slug- into something else (for example trattamentiA), everything goes fine (attachment 3)

  • Hi @gleenk

    Could you please share the JSON export of your field group so I can test it out?

    Also, having the same permalink for two pages is mostly causes weird behaviour. It depends on how your server handles it.

    I hope this makes sense. Thanks!

  • Hi @acf-support, I send you access to my WP Backend privately, anyway, here’s the JSON of “bug”, please let me know. I don’t have pages with same name as you said. No duplicate, anywhere.

  • Here we are, I changed flexible field name, (closed a missed query on a template) and it seems to be fixed now…

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