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ACF filed below variations form ?

  • Hi there.
    I am using ACF which is great help to show videos on product.
    My only problem is the product vidéo shows just before the variations form, and I would like it to show just after the variations form…
    Any idea would be appreciated thanks !

  • Hi @pat0726

    I’m assuming you’re referring to the output of the field on the frontend?

    When you mention variations form, is this WooCommerce or something else?

    From what I can gather, you need to review your template where the code to output the ACF field is being displayed. Then locate the code for the variations form output and move your ACF code below.

    Maybe say which theme you’re using, include screenshots. The more info here, the more people can help.

  • Thanks @jarvis for your help.
    I am using Divi theme.
    And yes I am talking about WooCommerce variations for a product.
    But I guest the frontend of teh product page is linked to Woocommerce not Divi ?…

  • hello , couldn’t see this option in ACF form where I’m going to enable it.
    I’m creation conditional logic form and I want that form will appear in frontend of the product page same as I have created.

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