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ACF fields on WooCommerce Shopfront/Archive page

  • I was looking to add custom fields to my shop front page and category pages, which displays all products. I believe these are classed as archive pages.

    The aim is to have the ability to add a banner and three or four columns below the banner that are all controlled via custom fields.

    I tried creating these fields and assigning the fields to the page name and additionally to the post type ‘Product’. It seems to be working on the individual product pages, though not on the Shop front and category pages.

    Would it be best to create these fields and assign them to the ‘Options Page’ or is there another work around for this?

    In summary:
    custom field for banner and four custom filed columns below banner
    Would like to work on both Archive product pages and Category pages, so that promo banners and offers can be displayed.

    Thanks in advance!

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