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ACF Fields not visible on pages/posts with WP 5.0 Beta

  • Hi,

    I’m testing the new WordPress 5.0 beta along with ACF Pro 5.7.7 but the new Gutenberg editor/interface doesn’t show any of my ACF groups on pages and (custom) posts.

    I’m not sure if I should test the new 5.8 beta version to see if this resolves the issue?

    Disabling Gutenberg with the ‘Classic editor’ plugin solves the issue obviously but I’ like to test it with Gutenberg enabled.


  • Me too, I have the same problem, also I tested with both versions of ACF (current version + beta).

  • Me again, I know the problem but not how to fix it. Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0 beta is on the core not as a plugin. If you install it as a plugin ACF works correctly.

  • It seems to be a WordPress issue as many metaboxes have disappeared with the new WP5 beta releases. I came across multiple notifications on Twitter and Slack where people are experiencing the same issues, and not only with ACF but also many other plugins.

    We better report issues like these at the WordPress forums or GitHub. Don’t think Elliot / ACF can do anything about this issue.

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