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ACF Fields Not Displaying on Backed

  • I have no idea what happened, I have not upgraded anything and now whenever I am editing a custom field, none of the fields are visible. I have checked on screen options and the ‘fields’ checkbox is marked.

    I have disabled all themes and used theme 2017 and this behaviour persists.

    Please have a look:

    This really puts me behind in a project, any pointers are greatly appreciated.

  • After some crazy troubleshooting I found what was causing the problem – one row inside the wp_usermeta table. You can see it here to see if you can repro somehow:

    Am attaching the sql files:

    test_site_working.sql – ACF works w/o problems

    usermeta-efd.sql – restore to repro the problem

    Username: xhGo4yQE

    Password: EUIQSzcpVh5NuV+RZA==

  • Oh, and worth mentioning that it was not the “Field” option in the Screen Options pane, it was checked all the time and I toggled it a million times w/o success. It was just that database value.

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