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ACF fields in custom settings page

  • Hi,

    I have an options page called “Theme Options” under the Appearance menu. I also have an ACF field currently available as a top-level menu item called “Options” via the ACF Options Page plugin.

    I would like to put those ACF fields into my custom options page. So far I have this, which just allows you to create field groups for the Theme Options page:

    add_filter('acf/location/rule_values/options_page', function ($choices) {
      $choices['theme_options'] = 'Theme Options';
      return $choices;

    Any pointers on how I can do this?


  • Hi @tomdxw

    It is not possible to place ACF fields onto a custom page within the wp-admin.

    Sorry, but this is a limitation of the plugin.

    Perhaps you can think about adding the Theme Options menu with ACF and then you can add fields to it.


  • Thanks very much Elliot, I’ll look into creating the menu with ACF instead.

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