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ACF fields imported via WP all import not showed in Oxygen templates

  • Hello,
    There is some kind of issue between “ACF fields” “WP all import” plugin and “Oxygen”

    This is an issue that arises only for custom fields when the post are imported via “WP All import” plugin

    If I fill the custom fields manually for a post, then they show normally in frontend via my Oxygen post template

    If I import the post via “WP All import” plugin, the custom fields data are not visible in frontend unless I manually open the post and click “update”

    I believe the issue is that there are two post_meta fields created for every ACF field. One of these fields is hidden, prefixed with a _ before the field slug, and that field has to be populated for Oxygen to fetch the data.

    When a new post is created programmatically, that hidden field is normally missing, which is why you have to manually update the field, which triggers the creation of the hidden field, before everything works.

    Am I right?

    I also tried to populate these hidden fields directly via WP all import, which according to WP all import log worked.

    But the imported fields still do not show in frontend unless I manually open each post and click update.

    What am I missing here?


  • Are you using the ACF add on for WPAI?

    Without the add on WPAI will not create the field key reference values in the DB and without those references ACF will not work.

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