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ACF fields from another post inside a loop

  • Hi, managed to succesfully create a “Products” template where some values are pulled from a post that stores the “Manufacturer” data. Example: I have some posts with Manufacturers data: name, logo, address, etc. In the Product page I only store the Name and the other values are pulled from the post containing the info for that manufacturer.
    But now, I need to create a Products page list, and each product listed must diplay data stored in the Manufacturer post. Can’t figure out how to create the query/queries and the loop (“while…”)

  • Not sure how detailed you need be to be.

    Basically on the product archive page you query the products. Although if you created a custom post type for products and create the template file named archive-products.php then this is done for you.

    Then you loop through the products just like you’d normally do and for each product you’d do the same thing you do on the single product page, getting the fields from the related manufacturer.

    A can’t really be more specific than that because I don’t know how you’re storing the products and manufacturers or what type of field you’re using to relate them.

  • Excellent. I got it.

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