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ACF Fields Being Blocked by Editor Status Bar

  • I have my custom fields set to display at the bottom of the editor. The last field is getting blocked by the Gutenberg editor’s status bar (that strip across the bottom that displays the tag hierarchy like document -> column -> paragraph)

    Is this a bug? Alternatively, is there a setting to hide that status bar? Or perhaps a line of CSS that can add some padding to that ACF field region?

    I realize I can probably make the last field’s description a bunch of line breaks, but that’s a sloppy kludge that I want to avoid.

  • I don’t have a specific answer, I would call this a bug in gutenberg myself. By the description it seems that this bar is absolutely positioned and that there is no padding added to the bottom of the container element to compensate for the absolutely positioned element.

  • I think you are right about it being a gutenberg bug. The bar covers the scrollbar down arrow too in the editing window. I found a bit of a workaround by adding a special admin area CSS.

    In my theme directory a file called style-admin.css which contains the following:

    #editor .postbox:last-child > .inside.acf-fields {
        padding-bottom: 2rem !important;

    Then add the following to my functions.php

    function mytheme_admin_style() {
      wp_enqueue_style('admin-styles', get_template_directory_uri().'/style-admin.css');
    add_action('admin_enqueue_scripts', 'mytheme_admin_style');
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