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ACF fields as WooCommerce product options

  • I have looked at a lot of tutorials for adding fields to a product and displaying them on the front end. I can do this no problem. The issue I am struggling with is adding them as options and saving when viewing the cart and order pages.

    I have a created a field group of Colors for a Tee shirt, I used the type ‘Checkbox’. How do I show the chosen value in the cart when the product is added and in the Order for the admin and emails?

    I know that I can use built in WC Attributes for this one, but I will be creating a more robust form that will require more ACF fields. So I am trying to start basic.

  • Questions like this come up here often, but I don’t have an answer for you. WC does not have clear documentation on how to add content like this to the checkout page. If you can find documentation to do what you want from WC and provide code that does not use ACF fields/content then I might be able to help you add ACF to it.

    My answer, when it comes to WC, is to find a way to use what is provided by WC attributes and variable products. This is always what I have done.

  • Hey John,

    Sadly that was what I was afraid of. I guess I will see if I can trigger an onClick event to trigger my JS function using WC attributes on my product.

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