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acf fieldname changes

  • I use a Radio-Button in a Repeater.
    The option “Allow own options” is enabled.
    Whenever I add a new option in post edit-mode the fieldname of the Radio Button is changed. I started with “list-wines-ext” now the name is”list-wines-ext_0_list-wines-ext_2_list-wines-ext_1_list-ext-wine-price”.


  • Hi @fountain

    Thanks for the bug report. This is very strange behavior.

    Can you please clarify what you mean by the ‘field name changes’. Is this visible when editing the field group and viewing your field’s settings.

    Or is this visible when viewing the postmeta DB values for the post you are editing…

    Does the issue occur when you disable the ‘allow other options’ setting?


  • Yes, this is visible when editing the field group and viewing my field’s settings (screenshot attached).

  • Hi @fountain

    This is very strange, I’ll do some debugging and see if I can replicate the issue.


  • Hi @fountain

    I’ve just done some debugging but can’t replicate the issue.

    Is this on all radio fields, or only on a specific one?
    Is it possible that you have some code in your functions.php file which could be modifying the field?
    Can you switch to the default theme and try the issue again to rule out teh chance of functions.php code?


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