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acf field value from post type to post type

    • matti

    • July 30, 2020 at 8:06 pm


    I have an general question to acf coupled with custom post types. maybe here is someone who can give support.

    so here is my situation:

    I have an acf field in one item of a custom post type( for example textfield “company”), So I want the “value” of this field, which is something like a “main”-value which can be displayed everywhere I want. This value should be possible to use in the frontend for another custom post types, maybe also in backend but it is not important. Well, I have to say that every post type item is unique and coupled with an unique author.

    I don’t find found a solution of this. :/

    best regards

  • Sounds like you need a post object or relationship field and retrieve the value from the returned array/object? We would probably need more context.

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