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ACF Field not appearing on Custom Taxonomy

  • I’m trying to add a colour picker to a custom taxonomy, but it’s not showing up on the taxonomy page within the CMS.

    I have a custom post type called “News” and the custom taxonomy is called “News Category”. When I set up ACF to add the colour picker to the “News Category” taxonomy, nothing appears.

    ACF Field Creation

    News Category Taxonomy Page

    I read through this page ( and it says to use the taxonomy_term location, but that doesn’t exist in the latest version of ACF (Version 5.6.10).

    No errors show in console, and I even inspected the area to see if the field was there but somehow hidden. No luck.

    Is there something simple that I’m missing?

  • It’s working for me. More than likely something in another plugin or the theme is interfering with ACF. Try disabling plugins to see if you can figure out what’s causing the issue.

  • Hi. I just purchased this pro version. So far so good.

    But this tutorial on step #3 when trying to add a field stump me. I also can’t see “Taxonomy Term” under Locations.

    I disabled all plugins and tried another wordpress package theme, no luck. 🙁

    Can it be because I am working locally?

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