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ACF field lost value (with WPML)

  • Hi Elliot, since last december (2012) i’ve successfully used ACF and WPML together.
    Since june/july (my client reported) a couple of problems, more like a combo started to appear.
    I’ve already reported the WPML problem to their support forum, it’s a problem related to the translations update and now i’m reporting to you the ACF problem too:
    On my WP installation, i’ve a custom field called “Documents” that’s translated in 5 different languages with English as main language.
    When i create a new document, in English as main, and after saving it, i create the translations of that document: all these documents contain 3 custom fields where one of them is set to inherit for each of the translations, the value from the main language, the english. Infact i set this custom field value on the English Document, and then all the other languages inherit automatically the same value when i’m going to create the translation. That’s a WPML feature that can be enabled on WPML’s settings.
    Now what’s going on:
    When i create a new Document, i set this Custom Field value, then i save the main Document, i create the translations and the Custom Field value is correctly inherited.
    Then, when i’m going to modify the main language Document, the translations shows the WPML “need update” icon (that’s a correct behaviour of WPML) so i go to the translations to hit the “Update” button (WPML reported bug is about the “need update” icon that after update stuck on his “need update” state) and after updating the translation, the custom field loose his value and if i try to set a value, it will not store it again, never.
    This behaviour happens only when i modify the main language document, all the translations, and automatically also the main language, loose this inherited custom field value.
    I think that problably is something more from the WPML side, but if you know something about it where i can investigate on, please let me know.

    Currently i’m using:
    -WP 3.6.1
    -WPML 2.9.2
    -ACF 4.2.2

    WPML support post (don’t know if an account is needed):
    (They said that WPML isn’t compatible with ACF, but as already said i’ve used them together since a lot of time without problems or bugs like these that i’ve described.)

    Thanks for you support!

  • Hi @Rics

    Thanks very much for your help with this issue.
    I have quite a lot on my plate at the moment, but sometime int he future I am looking forward to sitting down and making sure ACF is completely compatible with WPML.


  • Thanks Elliot, i’ll update you on this thread if i get news from WPML side.

  • Is there any update on this?

    Working on an existing site where they used ACF for e.g. theme options (twitter link etc), but if I duplicate the field group (and the fields) for another language, it keeps overwriting the same value when I change language..

    so, it doesn’t behave multi language at all

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