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ACF field for videos?

  • Is it possible to create an ACF field where videos can be uploaded? Currently what I’m trying to do is creating a single product template in elementor and want to display a specific trailer in a specific field. I had in mind that with ACF I could create such a field, so within the product itself the link or local media could be uploaded and then used as a field in elementor.

  • The closest thing available in ACF would be a file field, but I doubt elementor can turn this into a video on the page. You’re probably looking at building a custom shortcode that outputs the needed HTML.

  • Mhm I’ve tried that. For section in Elementor a video link (mp4) can be entered as background video. If tried to use an ACF Url field with the link to the video, but it doesn’t work. I think it should because the ACF field puts out the url to the mp4 file, which should work. I’ve tried to enter the direkt link to the video and it’s working but not in connection with the ACF field.

  • As far as using an ACF field for a background video, this is something you’d need to find out from Elementor. ACF does not have any integration for Elementor. Any ACF integration is done by Elementor.

  • Just an update on this. For the section background video an url link is needed to the video in question. Which I’ve achieved by using a simple text field with the url to that video. Then In the background section I’ve selected the dynamic tags and the ACF field in question. The Problem was at that time I’ve tried it first there was an error/bug within elementor.
    So what I’ve initialy tried should’ve worked and now it does after Elementor got the bug fixed.

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