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ACF Export – Users

  • Hello,

    I’m using the free version of ACF.
    When I use the export function, all registered users of my blog are part of the export file advanced-custom-field-export.xml.
    I need to assign all authors when I want to import the fields to my other blog. This is very time-consuming.
    If I delete the users at the beginning <wp:author>…</wp:author> of the xml file, I only need to assign the creators and not all. This should be the default behaviour.
    I’m not sure if this is a bug, but I have no idea why I should import users who have never created or changed anything in the field groups.

    Best regards

  • The XML export for ACF fields in version 4 basically uses the standard WP xml export tool. The file you get is the same file that you’d get if you go to Tools => Export, select “Field Groups” and download the export.

  • Thanks but it’s not the same file regarding authors.

    • WP Export: Tools => Export => 2 authors are exported (correct)
    • Plugin Export Plus => 2 authors are exported (correct)
    • ACF Export => 56 authors are exported (not correct)
  • At this point I doubt that any improvements to ACF4 are going to be made. The developer is working on getting a free version of ACF5 released. But you can try submitting the bug report through by opening a new support ticket

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