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ACF does not support WordPress standards for taxonomy term

  • ACF allows to create custom fields for taxonomy terms. However, this is not on new WordPress standards. I create the topic on this forum support Toolset plugins: Here is what was said:

    This plugin is not handling things correctly.

    See, when you set a Custom Field group for your Types, you can choose where it has to appear, right?
    I wonder, since when a “Taxonomy” is “uncategorized”, and a Taxonomy Term is “post_tag” or “category”

    It’s exactly opposite.

    Besides that, even if I add a simple field with the Rule “Post Taxonomy” > “Uncategorized”, I do not see that Field in my terms page.

    I see it only when I choose “Forms” > Taxonomy Terms > Category.

    Furthermore, the VALUE of that ACF Field is stored in the options table.
    A Term Meta fied value is to be stored in the termmeta table (WordPress created this table especifically for this purpose) and that is what Types does, you can doublecheck my statements by looking at your Database.

    This all above means, as long ACF is not storing this data in a accessbile Table, no plugin following the WordPress standards will be able to display them.

    Is it possible in future updates ACF support for new standards for taxonomy terms?

  • There has been some discussion here about ACF and term meta. I don’t know where this stands in ACF. There are some work-a-rounds that have been discussed here that might help you until ACF is transitioned to using term meta instead of options for storing the values.

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