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ACF Database Linking

  • Heya!

    Figured I throw my issue out here in case anyone has an solution ideas ^^

    I’m currently working on a rather big multisite project and somehow the linking between one single page and it’s ACF fields broke.

    As far as I understand ACF stores all of it’s fields and values in the wp_postmeta table and when checking that table for the specific page/post ID I do find all the entires.

    They even have the same post_id value as the page itself.
    On top of that all their content also still exists.
    However despite that none of that is visible in the backend editor nor is the frontend so somehow the link is broken.

    There were no recent database migrations and what also makes this strange is that this is the only page affected, while these specific ACF fields are being used throughout many other pages.

    Any and all ideas and suggestions are very welcomed and thanks to anyone who took the time to read through this!

  • Some possibilities off the top of my head.

    Duplicate post meta entries matching the post ID and meta key.

    Missing or incorrect ACF field key references in the meta table. These are stored under the meta key "_{$field_name}"

  • Thanks a lot for the reply!

    I ended up solving the issue by just rolling back the the previous revision (which was a small change luckily) and that fixed it.

    So whatever prefix or whatnot broke, the revision still had the correct one.
    It’s good to know about the meta key ACF fields use for the future though so thanks!

  • Someone else mentioned issues with non-English characters in field names, but that affected all posts that had those fields, not just one.

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