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ACF custom taxonomy meta terms support

  • Hi !

    First, thanks a lot for ACF which is so gr8 !

    I’m planning to use the new WP 4.4 custom taxonomy meta terms support and also to use ACF to make relation between these custom taxonomy metas and custom fields…

    Just wanted to know if ACF will support this when WP 4.4 will be launched ?
    Or if not, do you plan to make it in future releases ? (expected date ?)

    Keep the good Job !

    thanks 😉


  • What i’m looking for ACF to be able for me would be to display custom fields in relationship to Custom Taxonomy Term Custom meta value …

    It would be a real gr8 Feature !

    cheers 🙂

  • The only one that would know that is the developer. Currently ACF uses the options table to store meta values for terms. I’m sure that eventually it will be updated to use the new term meta features of WP. I agree it would be nice to have but I’m personally not going to count on it being there when the features are released in WP, although this could be one of the things that’s keeping the developer busy, you never know. This question has been asked before when WP first announced that they would be adding term meta. The best that I can do is mark this topic for the developer to look at if he has time to.

  • Hi John !

    Thanks a lot for your reply !

    Well, i agree with you that we can’t wait for ACF update about this new WP feature, but for my main project, it would be really a good thing..
    I really need a solution to create term meta relationship to fields … so :-/

    Yes, it would be nice if you could mark this topic in ‘to do’ state 😉

    thanks again !


  • I’m not sure what you mean by “term meta relationships to fields” and I’m not sure that “Custom Taxonomy Term Custom meta value” makes it any clearer for me.

    What version of ACF are you using and can you explain this further? While ACF does not store data in a term_meta table it’s still possible to create relationships to terms and add custom fields to terms.

  • Ok.. Sorry if i wasn’t clear enough …

    I’m using latest version of ACF,
    Well, for now i have a custom Taxonomy and several Terms in it,
    with latest release of ACF, i can attach custom fields to a custom Taxonomy, but not to a custom Term in it… or it’s Post Related and not Taxonomy related. This is my first issue…

    The second one comes with the new feature of WP 4.4 and custom meta attached to custom terms … It would help me to add what i need for my project and in the best world, it would be great to make it more powerful if i can attach ACF to these metas and metas values…

    Am i be more clear ?

    Or i miss something and you can help me ?

    thanks again !

  • Actually, when you add custom fields to a taxonomy they are added to the terms in the taxonomy. This is why whey you get the values from the fields the $post_id that you use is {TAXONOMY}_{TERM_ID}. The custom fields are associated with the term, not the taxonomy.

    Honestly, the only thing I can think of that will change will be that I’ll be able to search terms based on term_meta values rather than needing to get the terms first and then check the custom field values on them.

  • Mmhhh.. yes ok…

    You are right for the relationShip between Post Taxonomy and ACF , it’s effectively Term related, but you can’t to the same for Taxonomy relation…

    ie :
    If i define the Taxonomy ‘category’ in a custom post type ‘custom’ and i add a term ‘term’ in this taxonomy.
    I will be able to attach ACF to ‘category’ Taxonomy and/or Post Taxonomy Term ‘term’ …
    If i attach ACF to ‘category’ Taxonomy, all individual Term in it will inherit from Taxonomy Custom Fields…
    I need to be able to attach ACF to each individual Term in Taxonomy … and (with WP 4.4) , attach ACF to each individual Custom Meta in each individual Term. This would be the best !

    An easier solution for me would be to attach ACF to Individual Post Taxonomy Term Meta … with or without control of the Meta value …

    MMhh… i think i will not see what i need soon 😀

  • Re All 🙂

    I think i’ve resolved this issue without the need for ACF to be updated..

    Now WP 4.4 has been released, i have the ability to add metas to any term in any taxonomy …

    So, to figure out my issue, i can create relationship between the term meta and another taxonomy term, then display ACF in relation to this second taxonomy term…

    It would be nice to make this relation to ACF directly from one Taxonomy, but not possible for the moment, and this does the trick 😉

    thanks a lot John !


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