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ACF credits and booking system help

  • Hello everyone,
    I was hired to take the management of a website, since the original dev made a mess and disappeared, no one can get in touch with him. The website is a gym portal that let the registered and approved users to book a private lesson during the day. Now, for the last few days i’ve tried to understand how does the system work but i’m having some problems. I’ll hope someone can help me with the following issue.
    As already said, the website lets the user book private lesson during the day using pinpoint booking system. Every user has credit assigned from the gym owner, and they can spend those credit to book 1 lesson per day. Now the the credits are assigned with an ADVANCED CUSTOM FIELD in the profile. The custom field is a number type and every month the owner updates user credit updating the field with a number of credits for every user based on ther subscription plan. So he manually goes in every user profile to update that number. When the user, books a lesson, he will receive a notification via email and automatically the total number of credits in the user profile decreases by 1.
    Has anyone have a clue on how this could work? Is there a custom function? Is something that could be done by tweaking the plugin? I really can’t understand how this work, since it seems there is no actual integration between pinpoint and ACF.
    Thank you very much in advance, i really hope i can solve this mistery, because they asked me not to change this system cause they are used to it.

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