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ACF creating new empty posts when I edit a field

  • Hi everyone,
    I installed ACF to create a new date field for my custom post type (pages for pets up to adoption).

    Everything was working perfectly… until I realized that each time I edit the new date field and save/republish the the pet page, 4 new empty posts are created in the same time.
    They are untitled draft posts, and I can’t delete them. If I try to move them in the trash, I get an error message from WordPress.

    Do you know:
    – How can I safely delete all these empty posts? (I have dozens of them)
    – How to fix this bug?

    Thank ou very much,

  • I had this issue on a site but it had nothing to do with ACF, or perhaps it was ACF in combination with another plugin. The plugin that caused this for me was a WPForms “Post Submissions Addon”. Since it was not used I deleted it an moved on. Any chance that you have this plugin installed?

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I do have the WPForms plugin. I just tried to deactivate it, but the issue remains. 4 new posts are created each time I edit and save my custom field.

  • it wasn’t WP forms that was causing the issue, it was an add on that was causing the issue.

    You may have some other plugin causing a conflict.

    You need to figure out what that conflict it. This is usually done by deactivating other plugins and testing until you figure out the combination that causes the issue.

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