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  • Not a feature request but an idea for an ACF extension. Here’s my situation: I use ACF on a daily basis. Last year I worked on 60+ sites that all used ACF. Here’s the problem. My workflow needs an upgrade so that I can build sites faster and handle more volume.

    What I notice is that in every single site I’ve built, I’ve always had several “components” that I use. I define a component as an ACF field group and then some sort of corresponding display code.

    Going through the process of importing a field group into a site and then pasting the display code into my theme isn’t terribly time consuming but I feel the process could be improved.

    The way I think about it, the more time i could save on a project, the more work I can handle and the more money I can make.

    My idea is to have some sort of ACF plugin that would ease this process that would create the necessary field groups and display code (inside the active theme) for a selected component. The plugin would simply pull the “components” from a site with user generated content. All in all I guess this is a SaaS idea.

    Does this make any sense lol? Right now I’m just brainstorming 🙂

    Any elaboration or further thoughts about this idea would be great. I’d like to see if there is a need for something like this first before spending time on it.

  • Hi chriscarvache,
    For this kind of features you may have a look to the ACF – Component Field add-on :
    Hope this help you,

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