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ACF cause block errors with lastest gutenberg

  • When ther is an acf field present in the editor, any selected block will crashe when switching back to desktop preview mode

    Steps to reproduce:
    instal wp 6.2.2
    install gutenberg 15.9.1
    install acf 6.1.6
    set theme to Twenty Twenty-Three
    got to acf and add a new field group
    leave text field as is,
    set label to anything
    go to settings under rules and set Show this field group if post type is equal to page.
    click save changes and go to pages. click add new
    type anything as title, pres enter to create a paragraph, type anything.
    now click on the preview button in the right side of the editor toolbar and select tablet or mobile. Now click on preview button again and select desktop.
    the selected block should now have encounterred an error which should look like this:
    image of the error

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