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ACF Bulk Edit?

  • Hey guys!

    We use ACF in our company for a long time now. Right now, we have a coffin manufacturer with a website, that has a configurator with a lot of products and one price per product, done with ACF. Next step is, to make more prices on each product. So every products gets for example 10 prices. All this is safe by an password. So if user A loggs into the website, there should be Price A. If user B loggs into the site, there should be Price B. So far so good. The point is, that it’s very hard work, to edit over 200 coffins, where each product has 10 prices. So we need to change over 2000 prices – and this very often in every single product. This costs a lot of time! So our question is, is it possible to make a bulk edit with ACF? So for example – the best way would be, to export all these products as an Microsoft Excel-File. After, it can be edit in program and last but not least, it should be uploaded again and every single price were correctly positioned on WordPress. Do you know any way to realize this fact? We’ve found the Plugin WP Bulk Editor ( that exactly do this – but we can’t say, if its working with Advanced Custom Fields. So let us know any way – we would be so happy!

    Thanks guys! Have a nice day!

  • Hi @waldgnome

    ACF saves the custom field and its reference key in the database. The custom field entry is like this:

    custom_field_name => the value

    While the reference key entry is like this:

    _custom_field_name => field_1234567890abc

    Where ‘field_1234567890abc’ is the field key. If you want to add it manually, you need to add both of them to the database. If you want to add it programmatically, you can use the update_field() function instead.

    Also, it seems that WP All Import has an add-on for ACF. You can check it out here: Unfortunately, I’m not so sure if it will work or not. Please ask them first if you want to use it.

    I hope this helps 🙂

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