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ACF blocks within repeater fields

  • Hi there

    I have hit a massive problem where I have designed a website which has a nice accordion

    I have got the accordion working nicely using ACF fields BUT have since realised that the old website actually has different content within these – so some have a map, some have text, some have images etc

    There are only three solutions I can think of

    1 – have a checkbox to pick which field they would like and then display the ACF fields for that block. The problem with this is that they cant move the items around

    2 – To create an accordion that does not use a repeater field but instead they can add individual blocks that act as accordion fields. This would actually be good because I could pre populate the headings as they all use the same headings, just not the same content but I can’t get my accordion to function this way – Any ideas on how to achieve this would be amazing

    3. the inner blocks function – but I think this would only allow me to choose one block?

    I am currently using this code

    Thanks in advance

  • In the end I have gone with option 1 – tedious but effective

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