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ACF Blocks, similar functionality for the customizer?

  • Hi, I read about the introduction of ACF Blocks in your blog. That is just perfect for a “softcore” developer like me. I’m really looking forward to exporing the use of it.

    It made me think though that would be great if such functionality would be available for the customizer too. So that it would be easier to set up sitewide changes through the customizer for clients.

    Would this be something ACF could develop? Or is this out of scope?

    Or maybe there is already some tool out there doing something like that?

    Let me know and keep up the good work 🙂

    thanks Han

  • I am also interested if ACF can add options to the WordPress customizer.

  • It is my understanding that the entire reason for using acf is to avoid having to use customizer. With ACF you can create much nicer options pages with better permissions and usability that customizer has ever had.

  • This is because the ACF module does not integrate with the WP customizer themes.
    I believe that answers your inquiry.

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