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ACF Blocks not showing up in the Full site editing

  • Hi,

    Using the ACF Pro plugin, I am able to create blocks and use them on my site via the Gutenberg editor. No problem with that. However, currently I am testing out the new “Full Site Editing (Beta)” from the latest Gutenberg plugin. And when I am in “Full Site Editing” mode, I can see all the core blocks and blocks from other plugins (Like atomic blocks). However I am not able to see the blocks that I created using ACF Pro. Is there anything that I need to add to the ACF block code for it to work? Please advice. Thanks!

  • I’m having the same issue. Any resolution? Does this have to do with the way the block is registered? This is going to be a big issue soon as full site editing rolls out. Thanks!

  • I’m running into this too. If I register an ACF block and set the mode to “edit” it doesn’t do anything. In fact, it’s worse. If I set it to “auto” at least the editor is in the main section instead of only on the side. But I’d love the default to show up in edit mode, in the main section.

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